Transamerica TransACE Life Insurance

Transamerica TransACE life insurance is no longer available effective 02/05/2015. For a list of guaranteed fixed premium life insurance, please visit our review of the best guaranteed universal life insurance

Transamerica’s TransACE Life Insurance is permanent fixed premium universal life insurance coverage that we think our online customers should definitely know about. A Transamerica TransACE life insurance policy offers a guaranteed premium along with a guaranteed death benefit and promises that with the ACE (Assured Coverage Endorsement).Transamerica TransACE Life Insurance

The ACE keeps this policy from ever lapsing even if there is a zero cash value or not enough cash value to offset the cost of the insurance coverage.  What this means to the policy holder is that the policies premium and death benefit are guaranteed to remain the same provided you make your premium payment on time.

This coverage is often referred to as permanent term life insurance coverage.  The reason it’s referred to as permanent term life insurance coverage is like a term policy you pay a fixed premium for a set amount of years 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Well with guaranteed universal life insurance policy you pay a fixed premium for the rest of your life GUARANTEED NEVER TO CHANGE.


Some Policy Features You’ll Love

TransACE comes with some outstanding and unique features that we consider to be really unique and beneficial to their policyholders.

Multiflex Surrender Enhancement Endorsement (Return of Premium)

The multiflex surrender enhancement endorsement offers the policyholder an opportunity to surrender their life insurance coverage for return of their paid premiums.  At policy anniversary years 15, 20 and anytime after the 25th year, the policyholder can surrender their life insurance coverage for an opportunity to receive 100% of their paid premiums return to them.

Because life changes and needs change, the mulitflex surrender endorsement is a great option to have if coverage is not needed or if money is tight.  The ability to receive up to 100% of premiums paid into a policy is really a great option to have on a permanent life insurance policy.

Long Term Care (LTC) Rider

The long term care rider is a rider offered with a TransACE policy is designed to allow a policy holder to accelerate the policies death benefit to offset long term care expenses if the need arises.  In order to be eligible for benefits you must be certified as a Chronically Ill individual, have an approved plan of care place and satisfy a 90 day elimination period. The long term benefits can help pay for expenses such as:

Long Term Care Facility Confinement
Home Health Care Services
Name Care Services
Adult Day Care Services
Hospice Care
Respite Care

Income Protection Option (IPO)

This optional rider gives the policyholder the ability to provide a guaranteed monthly income stream to one or more beneficiaries in addition to a lump sum payment in the event of the policyholders death.  In other words the beneficiary is not provided with the full death benefit at the time of the policyholders death.  The policy holder elects how the death benefit will be paid to the beneficiaries.

Children’s Insurance Rider (CIR)

This optional riders allows for the children of the policyholder to be insured under the TransACE policy up to age 25.  Each child can be insured up to $99,000 of level term coverage.  Any new children are automatically covered under this rider.  Any covered children under the child rider can convert their insurance to permanent life insurance up to $50,000 on certain dates.

Accident Indemnity Rider (AI)

The accident indemnity rider provides an additional death benefit if the insured dies due to an accidental bodily injury.  Death benefits under $200,000 you can elect up to of 2 ½ times the face amount up to a max of $200,000.  For death benefits $200,000 and more, $300,000 or the rider face amount whichever is less.

Guaranteed Insurability Rider (GIR)

The guaranteed insurability rider allows a policy owner to purchase additional death benefit coverage without evidence of insurability.  There are designated dates when the insured will be notified that the option is available.  The insurance will generally have 30 days to choose if additional coverage is desired.


Transamerica TransACE Life Insurance Quote

Transamerica TransACE life insurance is permanent life insurance coverage that truly does offer some unique and really great policy features to policyholders.  On top of great features also comes very competitive pricing for permanent life insurance coverage with Transamerica. If you are interested in receiving  a Transamerica TransACE permanent life insurance quote please feel to contact by email or toll free at (888) 777-7574.  For immediate service simple click the chat now button below or use out instant quote engine locate to the right of the page and select “LIFETIME” for your type of insurance.

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