Tobacco Life Insurance

24 03, 2016
  • Affordable life insurance with recreational and medical marijuana use

Affordable Life Insurance with Recreational and Medical Marijuana Use

If you use medical marijuana or are a recreational user, you can still qualify for very affordable life insurance rates. The key to getting the best rates for life insurance coverage with marijuana use is to work with an agent that can place you with a life insurance company that is most favorable to your [...]

12 09, 2015

Non-Tobacco Rates for Cigar Smoker Life Insurance

If you compare the life insurance rates of a non-tobacco user with the rates of a tobacco user, you will notice a huge difference in price. So what if you smoke cigars, will you be considered as a smoker for life insurance rates? Short and quick answer, no. With most life insurance carriers, you can [...]

17 05, 2015
  • smokeless chewing tobacco life insurance coverage

Non-Smoker Rates for Smokeless Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance Coverage

Do you use chewing tobacco and are looking to purchase life insurance coverage? Do you currently have a life insurance policy and were approved as a smoker because you use smokeless chewing tobacco? If so, this article will save you money on your life insurance coverage. People that chew smokeless tobacco are generally classified as [...]