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Category: Life Insurance for Dummies

what to do when someone dies
Life Insurance for Dummies

What to Do When a Family Member or Loved One Dies

The loss of a loved one can bring on a range of emotions. This is, in part, because different deaths have different effects on loved ones. A sudden unexpected loss is always the hardest to cope with. Losing someone close to you under any circumstances is a difficult thing, and it can be hard to

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Buy Life Insurance Online
Life Insurance for Dummies

On the Web: How You Can Buy Life Insurance Online

It has been reported that in 2018 only 60% of Americans have a life insurance policy. That means that 40% of U.S. citizens have no financial security in the form of life insurance should they pass away unexpectedly. Life insurance is something that people of all ages should consider purchasing. However, shopping for life insurance

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life insurance retirement plan
Life Insurance for Dummies

How to Use Life Insurance in your Retirement Planning

When I think about life insurance, I think about protection for our loved ones and financial support after we die. However, did you know the right life insurance product can actually help support your retirement? It’s often referred to as a life insurance retirement plan, and it’s more affordable than most people think especially if

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