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Life Insurance for Women: A Guide on What You Need to Know

Research shows that only 56% of women in the United States have life insurance. That’s well below the average life insurance ownership rate for men, which is 62%. From corner-office CEOs to stay-at-home moms, the reality is that women around the country are providing for themselves and their families on a daily basis. This means that they could leave

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10 Essential Life Insurance Tips for New Families

You have just started your family and want nothing more than to provide for them and give them what they need. You have a steady job and are the provider for your household. Money is not an issue for you right now, and you are happy in your career. But what if something terrible happens

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Life Insurance for Student Loans: Federal vs. Private

Are you a student approaching graduation with outstanding loans? Or perhaps you have a family member that is looking forward to graduating? If you have signed for a student loan, you will want to read this! Whether you are a student or the cosigner, loans can pose potential problems if you are not prepared. Life

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Life Insurance after Divorce: Helpful Policy Information

Divorce can be an incredibly complicated and difficult process. In fact, divorce is ranked as the second-most stressful situation a person can face. It’s even more stressful than going to jail or the death of a close family member! If you’re going through a divorce, your list of worries might seem endless. Where will you

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Life Insurance While Pregnant: Should You Wait?

Congratulations! You’re expecting a little one. Pregnancy is a joyful time but, soon after the excitement of a positive pregnancy test wears down, you may find yourself full of questions as you prepare for the arrival of your new addition: Should we paint the nursery gray or blue? Bottle or breastfeed? Cloth diapers or disposable? And

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Single Parent Life Insurance Coverage: Why It’s Important

As a single parent, you are tasked with the challenging role of being both mother and father to your child. You are the full-time income earner, cook, chauffeur, caregiver and so much more. Yet studies show that single parents have little to no life insurance coverage at all. With all the responsibility of raising and protecting your

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