Business Insurance

  • Key Man Life Insurance
3 10, 2016

Key Man Life Insurance: The Insurance Policy Business Owners Need

You have life insurance to protect your family in the event of your death, but what's protecting your business? It's time to do your homework and enter the key man life insurance policy.  Ask yourself the following questions: Where do you see your business years down the road? Do you want your business to continue after your [...]

  • Life Insurance for Construction Workers and Laborers
2 05, 2016

Life Insurance for Construction Workers and Laborers

There’s no doubt about it, construction workers and laborers not only have some of the toughest jobs, but also some of the most dangerous. When it comes to life insurance for construction workers and laborers, we find that many of them are severely underinsured for the type of work they are performing on a daily [...]

  • Voluntary Employee Group Life Insurance Plan
21 02, 2016

Voluntary Employee Group Life Insurance Plan

If you are the owner of a small or even a large business you already know the importance of attracting new employees as well as retaining current employees in a very competitive job market. In order to achieve this, offering an employee benefit, such as a voluntary employee group life insurance plan, can play an [...]

  • Life Insurance policy for a Bank Loan
25 03, 2015

Life Insurance Policy for a Bank Loan

If you are a business owner requiring a loan for your business through your bank or Small Business Administration (SBA), you may be surprised when the loan officer, or lender, requires you to purchase a life insurance policy to cover the loan amount. It is not uncommon for the bank, or SBA, to require you [...]