Life Insurance & Family Health History
Medical Conditions

Family Health History & Its Role In Life Insurance

The most common factor that affects your life insurance eligibility is your personal medical history. Another factor that insurance companies take seriously is your family health history too. Most people do not realize that a health related death of an immediate family member can have an impact on when they apply for life insurance coverage.

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Protective Life Insurance Review
Best Life Insurance Companies

Protective Life Insurance Company Review of 2019

In 2018 Protective Life Insurance has 7.8 million policies in force totaling $767.3 billion in life insurance. Their name cannot be more fitting as they have been protecting their customers with quality life insurance for over a hundred years. Customers have a wide selection of policy types to choose from. This guarantees you will find a

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best 20 year term life insurance guide
Best Term Lengths

20 Year Term Life Insurance with Sample Rates

Very quickly, if you’re unfamiliar with term life insurance, it is what is known as temporary life insurance coverage. It comes available in fixed premium contract lengths of generally 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. A 20 year term life insurance policy is one contract option in which rates are locked in for exactly

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Funeral costs
Burial Insurance

Average Funeral Costs & How to Plan for Expenses 2019

Aside from taxes, it’s the only other definite in life. No one wants to think about his or her mortality. But, not considering the costs of a funeral and not having a plan in place can costly for your family and loved ones. The average funeral costs have risen in recent years. But, with proper

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