Life Insurance policy for a Bank Loan
Business Insurance

Life Insurance Policy for a Bank Loan

If you are a business owner requiring a loan for your business through your bank or Small Business Administration (SBA), you may be surprised when the loan officer, or lender, requires you to purchase a life insurance policy to cover the loan amount. It is not uncommon for the bank, or SBA, to require you

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Living Benefits

Term Life Insurance With Accelerated Living Benefits

Did you know that there are term life insurance policies that allow you to receive the cash from the death benefit while you are still alive? When it comes to purchasing life insurance, term life insurance is most often the popular choice due to the amount of protection you can purchase and the affordability of

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Top 8 Best Term Life Insurance Companies
Term Life Insurance

Top 8 Best Term Life Insurance Companies (Review)

Term life insurance is the most purchased life insurance coverage available. It’s very affordable and you can get a lot of coverage at a low price. With all the different life insurance companies advertising term life insurance in the media, how do you know which one is the best term life insurance company? There are a lot

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Transamerica TransACE Life Insurance

Transamerica TransACE life insurance is no longer available effective 02/05/2015. For a list of guaranteed fixed premium life insurance, please visit our review of the best guaranteed universal life insurance Transamerica’s TransACE Life Insurance is permanent fixed premium universal life insurance coverage that we think our online customers should definitely know about. A Transamerica TransACE life insurance policy offers

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