Understanding how life insurance premiums work
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Life Insurance Premiums: What are they & How are they Determined?

Do you speak life insurance? While not technically its own language, it can feel like it if you’re unfamiliar with a few of the specific terms. To help you, we’re breaking down a commonly-used piece of life insurance jargon: premiums. What are they, how much do they cost, and who has to pay them? The

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A guide to pre-paid funeral planning
Burial Insurance

A Helpful Guide to Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (Pros & Cons)

The discussion of dying is sure to bring up a lot of emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. No one wants to think about planning their own funeral, but it could be the best thing to do for your family. When a loved one dies, we not only experience grief but also the stress of getting our

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what to do when someone dies
Life Insurance for Dummies

What to Do When a Family Member or Loved One Dies

The loss of a loved one can bring on a range of emotions. This is, in part, because different deaths have different effects on loved ones. A sudden unexpected loss is always the hardest to cope with. Losing someone close to you under any circumstances is a difficult thing, and it can be hard to

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Aetna Life Insurance Company Review
Best Life Insurance Companies

Aetna Life Insurance Company Review of 2019

Is Aetna a good option for life insurance? Only 62% of consumers have life insurance. Why? One of the reasons may be how difficult it is to pick the right plan. 50% of adults sought information about a life insurance policy online in 2018. But the search for the perfect life insurance policy and company

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