Life Insurance Health Classifications
Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance Health Classifications

Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus and Standard are all terms used when describing life insurance health classifications.  Life insurance health classifications are used by life insurance companies to determine your risk of insurability. The less of a risk you are to the life insurance company, the better health classification you will qualify for. The life

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Using Life Insurance for Long Term Care Expenses
Living Benefits

Life Insurance with Long Term Care

When you think of Long Term Care insurance what comes to mind? If you’re thinking dollar signs, then you’re not alone. Although Long Term Care insurance provides excellent benefits, it’s generally not affordable for most people. If the cost of Long Term Care coverage is too expensive, what other options do you have? What if

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Life insurance for police officers and firefighters
Life Insurance by Occupation

Life Insurance for Police Officers and Firefighters

Can police officer and firefighters purchase life insurance without being penalized for their occupation? The short and quick answer is YES! Life insurance for police officers and firefighters is no different than life insurance for regular citizens. There are no additional fees, extra ratings or disqualifications being a police officer or firefighter wanting to purchase

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smokeless chewing tobacco life insurance coverage
Tobacco Life Insurance

Non-Smoker Rates for Smokeless Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance Coverage

Do you use chewing tobacco and are looking to purchase life insurance coverage? Do you currently have a life insurance policy and were approved as a smoker because you use smokeless chewing tobacco? If so, this article will save you money on your life insurance coverage. People that chew smokeless tobacco are generally classified as

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