Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Companies
Best Life Insurance Companies

Full Review of the Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Roughly 40% of Americans currently do not own any form of life insurance. If you’re among them, you know you’re putting your family’s financial security at great risk. If something happens to you, will they be able to afford basic living expenses? Without your income, will they have to make sacrifices like selling the family

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Million Dollar Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance Quotes

How Much is a Million Dollar Term Life Insurance Policy

$1,000,000 is a big number and often an intimating number when it comes to purchasing life insurance coverage. Most people tend to think that a million dollar life insurance policy is going to be way too expensive to purchase. The truth is a million dollar term life insurance policy is often purchased because of how cheap it

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Life Insurance for Smokers

Non-Tobacco Rates for Cigar Smoker Life Insurance

If you compare the life insurance rates of a non-tobacco user with the rates of a tobacco user, you will notice a considerable difference in price. So what if you smoke cigars, will you be considered as a smoker for life insurance rates? Short and quick answer, no. With most life insurance companies, you can

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Overweight or obese life insurance
Medical Conditions

Help with Overweight or Obese Life Insurance

Height and weight also referred to as your “build”, plays a very important part of the life insurance application process.  If you are overweight or considered obese you could have a tough time finding affordable life insurance rates on your own. If you’re currently in the searching phase of purchasing life insurance coverage and consider yourself

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