Permanent & Term Life Insurance in your Twenties 20-29
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Permanent & Term Life Insurance in Your Twenties

If you are between the ages of 20-29, life insurance may not be your first priority and I will agree it wasn’t my first priority as well. However, life insurance both permanent and term will never be cheaper than right now. You see, the cost of life insurance coverage is determined based on a few

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Top 5 Affordable 10 Year Term Life Insurance Companies
Term Life Insurance Quotes

10 Year Term Life Insurance: Top 5 Companies

For anyone beginning their search for affordable life insurance coverage, Top Quote Life Insurance would like to recommend starting with term life insurance. There are many different variations of life insurance coverage but they can easily be put into two main categories of term and permanent coverage. Term insurance, without going into extensive detail on how

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Affordable life insurance with recreational and medical marijuana use
Life Insurance for Smokers

Affordable Life Insurance with Recreational and Medical Marijuana Use

If you use medical marijuana or are a recreational user, you can still qualify for very affordable life insurance rates. The key to getting the best rates for life insurance coverage with marijuana use is to work with an agent that can place you with a life insurance company that is most favorable to your

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Fast Approval Life Insurance Coverage
No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Fast Approval Life Insurance Coverage

In most cases, purchasing a life insurance policy can be a very simple process. Depending on the individual applying, the general time frame for a life insurance policy to be approved from start to finish can take up to 4 to 6 weeks. 4 to 6 weeks, however, can be a long time for someone

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