A guide to pre-paid funeral planning
Burial Insurance

A Helpful Guide to Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (Pros & Cons)

The discussion of dying is sure to bring up a lot of emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. No one wants to think about planning their own funeral, but it could be the best thing to do for your family. When a loved one dies, we not only experience grief but also the stress of getting our

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what to do when someone dies
Life Insurance for Dummies

What to Do When a Family Member or Loved One Dies

The loss of a loved one can bring on a range of emotions. This is, in part, because different deaths have different effects on loved ones. A sudden unexpected loss is always the hardest to cope with. Losing someone close to you under any circumstances is a difficult thing, and it can be hard to

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Aetna Life Insurance Company Review
Best Life Insurance Companies

Aetna Life Insurance Company Review of 2019

Is Aetna a good option for life insurance? Only 62% of consumers have life insurance. Why? One of the reasons may be how difficult it is to pick the right plan. 50% of adults sought information about a life insurance policy online in 2018. But the search for the perfect life insurance policy and company

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Forester Life Insurance Review Image
Best Life Insurance Companies

Foresters Life Insurance Company Review of 2019

Foresters life insurance is one of the oldest life insurance companies you’ve never heard of. While their services aren’t for everyone, they are one of the best in their niches. In our in-depth Foresters Financial life insurance review, you will learn about the history of the company, positives, and negatives of the company, as well

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