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Life insurance payout
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Life Insurance Payout After Death: Claim Process & Timeline

When it comes to Americans’ top financial concerns, money after retirement leads the list, followed by other retirement-related concerns, which are long-term care and medical expenses. These concerns helped build consumer interest in owning life insurance, with 9 in 10 people agreeing on its importance. Most of the millennials (77%) now recommend owning life insurance.

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how much life insurance can i get
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

How Much Life Insurance Can I Get & The Rule of Thumb Theory

One in four consumers in the U.S. isn’t insured. The reason? They don’t have any idea how much life insurance they need and where to get it. This is the 5th top reason why people don’t buy life insurance in the United States. It goes after the other popular reasons such as it being expensive

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dividend paying whole life insurance
Whole Life Insurance

Non-Participating vs. Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance

It’s more than a little unusual to think about death, but if you were to pass away today would your spouse, children an loved ones be financially secured? Some people avoid the subject of death so strongly, that they neglect to prepare for a “what if” situation. What if you were to die? Could your

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life insurance after divorce
Family Life Insurance

Life Insurance after Divorce: Helpful Policy Information

Divorce can be an incredibly complicated and difficult process. In fact, divorce is ranked as the second-most stressful situation a person can face. It’s even more stressful than going to jail or the death of a close family member! If you’re going through a divorce, your list of worries might seem endless. Where will you

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life insurance and suicide
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

The Facts About Life Insurance and Suicide

It’s not always easy to think about but it’s important to know about life insurance and suicide. The suicide of a loved one is difficult enough without the problem of a denied life insurance claim. In the aftermath of a death in the family, there is sadness, anger, and grief. Then there are the practical

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life insurance death benefit
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Life Insurance Death Benefit: The Most Important Features Explained

If there’s one thing we know about people, it’s that they love to shop. But one thing most people dread purchasing is life insurance. There’s just something dismal about planning the financial aspects of your death. Then on the flip side, you want your family to be alright after you pass. With life insurance, you

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term life insurance policy ends
Term Life Insurance Quotes

What to Do When Your Term Life Insurance Policy Ends

Many of us enjoy the “fire and forget” approach to a term life insurance policy, but eventually, that term will expire. When this happens, it’s important to be proactive and not end up as one of the millions of Americans who don’t have life cover. If you’ve purchased term life insurance at a previous time

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insurable interest in life insurance
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

What Is Insurable Interest in Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of the most important forms of investment someone can make. It essentially ensures the financial security of anyone who depends on you. This also makes it one of the most popular types of investments since most people want to be sure their loved ones are safe no matter the circumstances. Typically,

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accidental death insurance
Supplemental Life Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance vs Life Insurance: Key Differences

When it comes to protecting your family in the event of your demise, you want to make sure you are getting the absolute best in terms of coverage. “Life Insurance” coverage is supposed to make sure bills are paid, funeral expenses are taken care of, and that your family doesn’t have to worry about anything

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