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Globe Life Insurance Review of 2019

No medical exams required Competitive final expense coverage High industry ratings Good option for applicants with riskier health conditions Simple application process Limited coverage options Limited death benefit Expensive compared to other companies Rates increase every 5 years on their term insurance Numerous customer complaints Not the best option for healthy people Costs much more

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AAA Life Insurance
Best Life Insurance Companies

AAA Life Insurance Review 2019

Choosing your life insurance policy is one of the most important choices you’ll ever have to make. You’ll need to find the right policy that will cover you for the proper amount of time and leave enough for your loved ones. And since you have dozens of options, choosing the right life insurance company is

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single premium life insurance
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Single Premium Life Insurance: All Premium Payments Paid at Once

When it comes to buying life insurance, you’ve got many options. As such, figuring out which policy type is the best can be tricky. How much insurance do you need? How should you space out the premium payments? Who will ultimately benefit from the money? Questions such as these are common inquiries — and for good

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no questions life insurance
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

No Questions Life Insurance: No Health or Medical History Asked!

Life insurance is a tricky topic for most people. None of us want to leave our loved ones without enough money to cover our funeral and burial costs. But health insurance is difficult to get if you’re suffering from serious health problems. If you suffer from health issues, you may think you can’t obtain life

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irrevocable life insurance trust
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Benefits of an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Nobody likes to talk about death. Eventually, though, it’s one topic of conversation we all get to. Life insurance is a sad but necessary part of that conversation. We take out policies that protect our families, our loved ones, by paying out in the event of our deaths. Something not a lot of people know

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life insurance with pre-existing conditions
Medical Conditions

How to Shop for Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

Getting affordable life insurance with pre-existing conditions may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. In fact, 70% of Americans would consider buying a life insurance policy if they didn’t have to undergo a medical exam. When looking for life insurance for people with pre-existing health issues, take into consideration different insurance companies and compare their rates.

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life insurance grace period
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Life Insurance Grace Period: Last Chance to Pay

When it’s your life on the line, it pays not to mess around. Forgetting a payment, or not being able to meet one, is easy to do in the hubbub of modern life. This is especially true thanks to cascading debt in the average American household. Luckily, there’s such a thing as a life insurance grace

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no exam term life insurance
Term Life Insurance Quotes

Skip the Exam: Top 5 Reasons to Buy No Exam Term Life Insurance

No exam term life insurance is quickly becoming the preferred choice when it comes to applying for a life insurance policy. Below are 5 very good reasons to consider skipping the exam and going no medical.  According to LIMRA’s 2016 Insurance Barometer Study, about 60 percent of all Americans had some form for of life insurance

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Life insurance policy for children
Family Life Insurance

Best Life Insurance Policy for Children & Newborn Babies

A life insurance policy for children and newborns is a very difficult subject to discuss. No parent wants to think about it so early in a child’s life. But the National Funeral Directors Association says the average cost of a funeral in 2014 was $7,181. This is a reasonable sum of money. However, taking out

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life insurance for student loans
Family Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Student Loans: Federal vs. Private

Are you a student approaching graduation with outstanding loans? Or perhaps you have a family member that is looking forward to graduating? If you have signed for a student loan, you will want to read this! Whether you are a student or the cosigner, loans can pose potential problems if you are not prepared. Life

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