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Burial Insurance for Seniors Ages 50-89
Burial Insurance

Guide to Burial Insurance for Seniors Ages 50 to 89

Finding a suitable life insurance policy is never easy to do on your own, especially as a senior. Luckily, many life insurance companies offer a type of life insurance known as burial life insurance. These types of insurance plans have been designed with the elderly in mind. A burial life insurance plan can help pay

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Top Quote Life Insurance Banner Life Company Review
Best Life Insurance Companies

Banner Life Insurance Company Review 2019

Banner Life Insurance provides a few excellent options when it comes to obtaining affordable life insurance coverage. There are a variety of different types of life insurance options, which include term life insurance, universal life insurance, and a guaranteed issue final expense option. The company even offers annuities to help assist with meeting long term

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Life Insurance Statistics
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Shocking Life Insurance Statistics Heading Into 2020

Insurance is one of those bittersweet concepts to most people. On the one hand, it’s one more expense to add to your neverending list of bills. On the other hand, it’s a financial safety net you need to know exists. A recent report about life insurance statistics, however, has dropped jaws to the floor across

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Life Insurance for Women
Family Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Women: A Guide on What You Need to Know

Research shows that only 56% of women in the United States have life insurance. That’s well below the average life insurance ownership rate for men, which is 62%. From corner-office CEOs to stay-at-home moms, the reality is that women around the country are providing for themselves and their families on a daily basis. This means that they could leave

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Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Final Expense Insurance
Burial Insurance

2019 Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Life Insurance Review

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Life Insurance is designed to offer peace of mind knowing your funeral expenses are covered.  Funeral Advantage is a type of final expense insurance or burial insurance coverage. These policies provide senior citizens with the option to purchase permanent life insurance coverage ranging from $2,000 to $20,000. The average funeral cost

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Guide on Final Expense Insurance
Burial Insurance

A Complete Guide to Final Expense Insurance

Have you thought about your funeral? It’s a morbid thought, but it’s an important one. Funerals are unfortunately expensive and require financial planning well in advance. However, not everyone can afford to put money aside for funeral expenses – nor does everyone get a chance. One way to protect your loved ones from the expense

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AARP Life Insurance Review
Best Life Insurance Companies

AARP Life Insurance Company Review 2019

AARP life insurance is a popular option for adults over the age of 50, seeking convenient life insurance coverage. The available life insurance products offer many advantages such as a quick and straightforward application process, no medical exams, and competitive rates. When it comes to the type of life insurance products, you can choose from

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marijuana life insurance guide
Tobacco Life Insurance

Guide to Affordable Life Insurance with Marijuana Use

Finding life insurance with marijuana use is not easy. Choosing the wrong company can lead to paying high rates or worst, a potential decline.   Marijuana use is a hot topic for many insurance companies. While 33 states have legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana to some extent, it remains classified as an illicit drug under federal

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Prudential Life Insurance Review
Best Life Insurance Companies

Prudential Life Insurance Company Review

Prudential life insurance has a reputation for providing a wide range of insurance policies to suit everyone no matter their age, income, or health conditions. From term life insurance to universal life insurance, the insurance company offers multiple solutions, including free living benefits and several other useful policy features. Prudential life insurance products can cover

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Guide to Accident Insurance
Supplemental Life Insurance

Guide to Understanding Accident Insurance

Accident insurance gives you peace of mind and protection in the event of a debilitating accident. Most people have some form of health insurance to cover medical costs. Unfortunately, health insurance rarely covers everything. In fact, other than routine visits to the doctor and prescriptions, your health plan may not provide any coverage until you

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