Big Lou Life Insurance “Term Provider” Company Review 2020


Big Lou Life Insurance Review
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Table of Contents

Disclaimer: We are not TermProvider or Big Lou Life Insurance. We are a competitor of TermProvider and Big Lou, and this article provides a short, detailed, and fact-filled information to help your purchasing decision.

If you were to ask for a life insurance broker that could offer on-point quotes for your insurance needs, despite the health issues you have, you might very well be describing Big Lou life insurance, otherwise known as Term Provider. 

Term Provider is an independent life insurance broker that has contracted with many of the top major insurance companies. The insurance company focuses on offering competitive rates for clients with varying health issues such as cardiac problems, diabetes, weight issues, and many other pre-existing health conditions

The company’s goal is to provide accurate quotes and excellent customer service without the typical “bait and switch” tactic of a low initial quote that ends up resulting in higher rates after underwriting has been completed. 

This typically happens when a customer has not been correctly quoted before applying for coverage. Term Provider aims to give their clients an accurate quote based on a brief and simple telephone conversation to avoid any unwanted underwriting surprises.

How Did Term Provider Get Started?

Term Provider was founded in the early 1980s and is located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The insurance brokerage firm will help anyone that needs life insurance coverage, but it really has marketed itself as a go-to company for customers with pre-existing health conditions or “health glitch.”

Often, those with significant health problems struggle to get approved for a life insurance policy. Term Provider wanted to help with that. For the last thirty-plus years, they’ve become a leader in impaired risk life insurance cases, helping more than 100k people become qualified for both term and permanent life insurance.

Who is Big Lou?

While the company started in the 80s, it wasn’t until 2011 that the concept of Big Lou was created. Term Provider wanted a way to help the “average joe” understand that they, too, could afford and acquire life insurance. To this end, they created the marketing character, “Big Lou.”

Big Lou insurance commercials can be heard frequently through their radio advertisements. They are often played throughout the day on AM news and talk radio stations, including one of the largest of all, the Howard Stern show. Several customers even mention the radio commercials in their reviews as the reason why they signed up. If you heard this catchy commercial, then you know what we are talking about.

“Remember, Big Lou is like you, he’s on meds too.” 

The catchy commercial and marketing behind the character Big Lou is to portray that he is just an average guy with a high need for term life insurance coverage, let’s say $1,000,000. But Big Lou is worried that he will not qualify because he has a few health issues. 

He is also more than a few pounds overweight but is trying to live a generally healthy life. He might live with well-managed diabetes or other mild pre-existing conditions. But all in all, Big Lou lives a reasonably good life, health-wise, and he should be able to find insurance.

When Term Provider works with customers like Big Lou, they focus on taking their accurate health history through conversation. A simple telephone conversation allows a Big Lou agent to do some fact-finding and utilize the responses to match them to the insurance company the will offer the most favorable rates based on the individual’s health history and insurance needs.

To clarify, Big Lou is not a real person that works at Term Provider. It is a fictional person used for marketing. If you look at Term Providers staff directory, there is not a single person listed with the name “Big Lou.”

Big Lou Commercial

Big Lou – Term Provider Headquarters

Big Lou Insurance is located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. They operate with a staff of 14 professionally licensed insurance agents along with 10 case managers to help assist in the processing of application requests.

Agents at Big Lou are licensed to help assist in the sale of life insurance coverage in all fifty states including Washington D.C.

Big Lou – Term Provider Ratings and Customer Reviews

When it comes to Big Lou term life insurance reviews, customer comments are glowing. On their webpage, clients consistently shower them with 5-star comments. Their overall rating with the popular Shopper Approved review site is a 4.9 out of 5 stars with well over 1000 ratings. 

A whopping 98% of their customers give them a 4- or 5-star rating. Just a brief look at their comments, and you’ll see that their customers genuinely love the service they provide. The same goes for Google customer reviews, where the company holds a 4.9 rating with over 90 individual reviews.

The most common positive reviews from Big Lou customers reference timely communication, follow-up, and excellent customer service.

Corporate Ratings

TermProvider Financial Services, LLC as well as Big Lou Insurance are both listed with the Better Business Bureau. While neither is a BBB accredited business, the Bureau gives them a sparkling A+ rating.

As a reminder, if you’re looking for an AM Best rating, you will not find one for Big Lou or Termprovider as those are reserved specifically for life insurance companies providing actual life insurance coverage. Remember, Termprovider is the life insurance broker that helps get you the life insurance coverage.

Big Lou – Term Provider Life Insurance Options

Life insurance options with Big Lou consist of three core options that are offered with most independent insurance brokers. These options include:

  • Term Life Insurance: Insurance that covers you for a specified period, usually 10, 20, or 30 years as well as a return of premium option.

  • Universal Life Insurance: Insurance that covers you and guarantees a payout upon your death. This comes with a cash value that may be used while the insured is still living.

  • Whole Life Insurance: Insurance that covers your entire life and guarantees a payout upon your death. Whole life insurance is available in two types, which consist of participating and non-participating. Both options provide a lifetime of protection as well as guaranteed cash value growth. The main difference is that a participating whole life insurance policy has the potential to earn dividends.

  • Long Term Care: Insurance that pays out a monthly benefit to help cover expenses requiring long term care.

Big Lou Life Insurance Quote Request

If you want instant life insurance rates, this is not the insurance provider for you. There is not an option to view instant life insurance quotes on the Term Provider website. The company’s view on instant quotes without speaking to an actual agent is not favorable and goes with sound reasoning.  

Websites that offer the ability to get online quotes can provide life insurance shoppers with actual life insurance rates. However, the problem that TermProvider discovered is that often the individual running their own quotes is not always quoting themselves accurately, which means that based on their health history or lifestyle, they often didn’t qualify for the rates or health classification they received online. 

Rather than providing customers with possible rates that they may or may not qualify for, TermProvider moved away from instant online quotes to give the customer a more accurate quoting process. Instead, TermProvider agents utilize a traditional quoting method of speaking with the customer. A conversation allows the agent to learn about their needs as well as get an overall picture of their lifestyle and medical history.

In doing so, the customer’s initial quotes often turn into the approved rate after underwriting has been completed. If you visit the Big Lou or TermProvider website, you may notice an option for a “no-obligation life insurance quote.” Just note that if you fill out the form, it will not provide rates. The quote form merely is collecting some initial information to help prepare the agent for when you are ready to speak with an agent.

How Do You Apply for Big Lou Life Insurance?

Unlike some online insurance brokers, Big Lou believes in the importance of the human touch, accurate details, and the ability to have your questions answered. That’s why, when you apply for Big Lou term life insurance, you’ll have to talk to a live agent. 

A licensed agent will talk you through the entire process from start to finish, then will follow up with you through any necessary steps before approval.

Big Lou – Term Provider Application Process

The application process is simple and straightforward. You’ll navigate through three steps, including:

  • Rate Quote: You can start by calling or filling out some necessary information online. You will then receive an option to set up a time to speak with an agent. During your call, an agent will discuss your medical, driving, and health history. They will then take the answers you provide and find competitive rates across several life insurance agencies.

  • Application: After you’ve chosen your preferred insurance provider, an agent will help you work your way through the application process.

  • Underwriting: The insurance company will obtain medical records and other information applicable to their underwriting process. Once they’ve decided to approve your application, they will give you your final policy cost, which should be close, if not the same, as Big Lou provided.

How Quickly does Big Lou Offer Policy Rates?

This part of the process is largely within your hands. After you fill out a brief form online, you’ll be offered the opportunity to set up a time to speak with a Big Lou agent. How quickly this step is completed is entirely up to you. 

You can schedule a call whenever you’re available from as early as the same day as long as it is within business hours to a month out. If you’re in a hurry to receive rates and get your policy going, you’ll want to schedule a call as soon as they are available. Only after you talk with an agent will you be able to receive rates for your desired policy.

A quick note, you are not required to fill out the online quote form to get an initial quote. TermProvide offers a toll-free number that you can use to call in to get a quote.

Is it Easy to Apply for Coverage?

An agent will walk you through each step of the application process, from choosing a life insurance provider to filling out information to scheduling the medical exam should one be required. While there may be a few extra steps for those with significant health risks, the process is smooth and communication clear every step of the way.

Does Big Lou Require a Medical Exam?

Big Lou is contracted with 40 highly-rated life insurance providers. Many of these providers offer a no medical exam application process. A few companies will even provide up to $1,000,000 in coverage without having to take a medical exam at all.

The option to apply for life insurance without having to take a medical exam has become increasingly popular, especially with COVID-19. However, those who carry significant health risks could be required to take an exam for the underwriting process. 

No exam underwriting is generally available to applicants who are between the ages of 18-65 with a good history of health. If you have a history of high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, or even diabetes (type 2), there is a good chance you can still qualify for no exam underwriting as long as the medical condition is well-controlled with medication. 

What Kind of Personal Information Is Needed for Underwriting?

As with any application for life insurance, applying for coverage is a very personal process. Applications consist of having to answer several personal questions, many of which pertain to your past and present health. However, it will be the insurance provider you choose, not Big Lou, that needs your information for the underwriting process

Most applications for life insurance, regardless of the company, will use third-party data to verify answers to application questions. Third-party data typically consists of a check of your Motor Vehicle Report, Medical Information Bureau (MIB), and Prescription Checks to assess your risk and overall eligibility they take by approving you. 

In cases involving a history of medical issues, underwriting could also consist of a medical records check. All of these underwriting checks are steps taken to confirm the accuracy of the details you provided during your application process.

How Long Does Approval Take?

The approval process with Big Lou varies depending upon which insurance provider you decide to purchase a policy through. Each provider has its own process and timeline depending on the amount of coverage required and, most significantly, your health. 

The two most significant factors that can delay any application for life insurance is the medical exam and medical records. To avoid any delay, medical exams should be scheduled quickly. Examiners will do their best to make scheduling convenient around your schedule.

The second factor that can hold up approval is medical records. If medical records are needed, it will be on the medical facility as to how quickly they will copy and send the records back to the insurance company. Some medical facilities will be good at working quickly while others can take weeks or even months.

Healthier applicants with no medical exam requirements can expect a faster approval process.

Big Lou Coverage Amounts

As mentioned, Big Lou and TermProvider are independent brokers with multiple companies to offer. Most insurance companies offer coverage starting as low as $25,000 and as high as $10,000,000. 

If you need help determining an amount of life insurance coverage to have, be sure to use the rule of thumb method or even a life insurance needs calculator.  

What States Is Big Lou Life Insurance Available In?

Big Lou provides life insurance coverage for all 50 states and Washington, D.C. In some rare cases, there may be a life insurance product that is not available in a certain state. However, Big Lou will most likely have another option that will suit your coverage needs.

Filing a Death Claim

If a beneficiary needs to file a claim, Big Lou will help with the process. However, it is the insurance policy provider that will process and payout an actual claim

Filing a claim occurs after the death of the policyholder by the beneficiary. The beneficiary will be required to provide proof and cause of death along with policy paperwork to submit the claim. 

Provided there is no claim disqualification, such as a suspicious death or a death within the contestability period, the claim will then be approved by the insurance company who holds the policy.

Big Lou – Term Provider Life Insurance Companies

Big Lou life insurance partners with forty of the top life insurance companies, including:

Top Quote also partners with these top-rated life insurance companies.

Who is Big Lou – Term Provider Best For?

Big Lou Insurance can offer insurance quotes and policies to anyone who needs insurance. They primarily focus on providing policies to those with health issues such as being slightly overweight, dealing with well-managed diabetes, or other health risks. In fact, Big Lou claims they are a leader in offering “impaired risk” life insurance.

Who Will Not Benefit from Big Lou – Term Provider?

Those with extremely high-risk health issues or chronic conditions will likely be uninsurable.

Anyone seeking guaranteed issue life insurance or burial insurance will also not benefit since we do not see any mention of Big Lou offering these types of insurance options on their website.

Other Big Lou Products

Although the focus with TermProvider and Big Lou is in providing valuable life insurance protection, the insurance broker also offers a few additional products and services.

  • Weight Loss Coaching: Endorsed by TermProvider and personally used by Big Lou creator Chad Hill, Weight Loss Direct offers weight loss coaching, nutrition guidance, and a guarantee of helping you lose twenty pounds or more. TermProvider does not receive any fees or bonuses for people who sign up for the fee-based program. The benefit is seeing potential life insurance applicants save greatly on life insurance by losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

  • Identity Protection: Big Lou’s ID protection offers 24/7 monitoring and protection, and $1M in stolen funds and expense reimbursement. Identity protection plans are issued by ReliaShield and come in both individual and family plan options.

Big Lou – Term Provider Pros and Cons

As with any company, Big Lou has its pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know.

Pro #1: Excellent Customer Service

The company is dedicated to helping people with health issues get life insurance coverage. They’ll work hard to find a provider, even if your health problems disqualified you from other insurance companies.

Pro #2: Multiple Offers

TermProvider and Big Lou life insurance is an independent insurance broker, which means they have partnered with some of the most well-known insurance companies nation-wide. That means they can shop your coverage with multiple companies to find you the rate based on your individual lifestyle and health issues.

Pro #3: Good Record

With over thirty years in the business and over 100k happy customers, their track record is already proving itself.

Pro #4: Positive Reviews

Their customers love them. With over 1,000 positive reviews, less than 1% are negative complaints. It should also be noted that the negative reviews all have been responded to by TermProvider and Big Lou.

Con #1: No Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Unlike many online insurance brokers, with Big Lou, you’re unable to view life insurance rates instantly online. Although their reasoning for not allowing this makes complete sense, it can be frustrating for someone who wants to get an idea of what the potential cost of coverage could be without having to speak with someone.

Con #2: Smaller Demographic

Big Lou is just a made-up person, and while Term Life may be trying to communicate to the type of clients they want to reach, Big Lou certainly doesn’t resonate with everyone.

Con #3: Lengthy Underwriting Process

Due primarily to those seeking to acquire insurance through Big Lou Life Insurance, there is a substantial underwriting process as they gather information regarding an individual’s health, driving, and medication records. At times, the doctor’s office can delay the process depending on how long it takes them to copy and send in records.

Con #4: Not All Qualify

As with any insurance broker, not all high-risk health conditions will qualify. Some people may apply and find that they are still unable to obtain life insurance due to an uninsurable health condition.

Con #5: No Burial or Guaranteed Issue Options

Unfortunately, Big Lou doesn’t offer burial insurance or guaranteed issue life insurance that we are aware of. If either of these is crucial to you, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Is Big Lou Legit?

Yes, without a doubt. Despite their somewhat dubious sounding name, Big Lou Life Insurance is a legitimate insurance broker. And, even though they are a direct competitor of ours, we no problems recommending them. 

However, they aren’t anything unusually “special.” 

Top Quote Life Insurance offers the same top-tier services and will work with any client who needs access to life insurance, including those dealing with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and much more. 

Top Quote Life Insurance is also an independent life insurance broker contracted with the same excellent insurance companies offered with Big Lou. Our website also provides the option to compare instant online life insurance quotes without needing to speak with an agent.

Big Lou doesn’t offer instant online quotes as they belive a quote is just a quote until the customer has been approved and has an actual policy in hand. For this reason, Big Lou doesn’t offer online quotes and require a conversation for a more accurate quote.

While we do agree, we still find it necessary to allow insurance shoppers the opportunity to view potential rates on their own. Once our customers are ready to apply, we take the same steps as Big Lou does with their own customers. 

We have a conversation to make sure the customer will qualify for the quote they received online. If they don’t, we will give an honest recommendation on the best company and coverage options they have based on the information that we collect.   

The bottom line, Big Lou has done an excellent job with their catchy radio advertisements making them a go-to option for life insurance with health conditions. We will admit that they are a great option, but they don’t offer a unique service that any other independent life insurance broker can offer. They provide the same rates and life insurance options as any other independent brokers.

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Jeffrey Manola

Jeffrey Manola

Jeffrey Manola is an experienced life insurance agent and the founder of Top Quote Life Insurance. His mission when he created Top Quote Life Insurance was to provide online consumers searching for life insurance with the absolute best quotes for term life insurance, permanent life insurance, no medical exam life insurance, and burial insurance.

Not only does he strive to provide you with the best rates for your life insurance coverage, but he also wants you to be well informed about the different types of life insurance options that are available. You will also find a significant amount of valuable information on the multiple life insurance companies that can provide you with coverage.

Jeffrey Manola is licensed to provide expert advice and help aid in the purchasing process of life insurance products. He is licensed with the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) in the following states:

AL: 790866 AR: 14358927 AZ: 14358927 CA: 0K29801 CO: 531038 CT: 002536246 DC: 3000281706 DE: 3000190912 FL: W383615 GA: 3089339 HI: 482421 IA: 14358927 ID: 646048 IL: 14358927 IN: 3100885 KS: 14358927 KY: DOI-986908 LA: 758187 MA: 2045330 MD: 3000011601 ME: PRN252004 MI: 14358927 MN: 40427014 MO: 8428106 MS: 10519253 NC: 14358927 ND: 14358927 NE: 14358927 NH: 2434852 NJ: 1562332 NM: 14358927 NV: 3299018 NY: LB-1484031 OH: 1117369 OK: 100293583 OR: 14358927 PA: 740709 RI: 3000183893 SC: 14358927 TN: 2383399 TX: 1969337 UT: 648983 VA: 987464 VT: 3426230 WA: 947010 WI: 14358927 WV: 14358927

Never hesitate to reach out to Jeffrey if you need help. Top Quote Life Insurance is more than just an online quoting agency. We want to help you save money, protect your future, and earn your trust (888) 777-7574.

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