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Day: March 17, 2014


Life Insurance Application Process

Quick & Easy Online Life Insurance Application Process At Top Quote Life Insurance we make the process of applying for life insurance simple. Below we have listed the simple steps of the life insurance application process. Throughout the process we will keep you updated and well informed on the underwriting status, but please don’t hesitate

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Life Insurance Buyers Guide

How Long Does It Take To Get A Life Insurance Policy?

Since the original posting date of this article, there have been many changes in the life insurance industry. These changes reflect on the application process, exam process and even the overall time in which it can take to be approved for coverage. For example, many life insurance companies have now begun offering the option to

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Life Insurance Coverage For Stay At home Parents
Life Insurance Buyers Guide

Life Insurance Coverage for Stay at Home Parents

When it comes to purchasing life insurance many would believe it’s purchased primarily for the working spouse. A major factor when purchasing a life insurance policy is to replace lost income, but what about the stay at home spouse? Should life insurance coverage for stay at home parents be considered? Life insurance coverage for stay

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Life Insurance Coverage For My Military Spouse

Military Spouse Life Insurance

As a former Unites States Marine I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have life insurance protection under the Service Members Group Life Insurance or SGLI.  In the event I should have passed away, I knew that my dependents would be financially covered. But what if my spouse who was not a military

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single parent life insurance
Family Life Insurance

Single Parent Life Insurance Coverage: Why It’s Important

As a single parent, you are tasked with the challenging role of being both mother and father to your child. You are the full-time income earner, cook, chauffeur, caregiver and so much more. Yet studies show that single parents have little to no life insurance coverage at all. With all the responsibility of raising and protecting your

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